‘GETTING HOT’! Two Drones Launched in Kyiv Trigger Damage in Moscow, Russia Takes Retaliatory Measures


BONSERNEWS.com – Russia affirms its right to take strong retaliatory measures against Ukraine.

After two drones launched by Kyiv caused damage to buildings in the capital Moscow.

One of the drones even crashed near the headquarters of the Russian Defense Ministry.

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As reported by Reuters, Tuesday (25/7/2023), there were no injuries in the Ukrainian drone attack on Monday (24/7) local time.

This incident was condemned by the Kremlin as an act of impudent terror.

Moscow called the Kyiv drone attack a thwarted attack.

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But it is known that one of the drones crashed near the Defense Ministry building where Russia was holding a meeting discussing what it called a “special military operation”.

What a symbolic blow that underscores the range of such a drone.

Serious damage was also done to an office building in Moscow which was hit by the second Ukrainian drone.

Where the windows on the two top floors of the building were shattered and debris strewn over the streets around the building.

Another drone, described as a “helicopter type”, went down in a cemetery area in a city outside Moscow.

The drone did not carry any explosives. The drone attack on Moscow, while not very serious in terms of casualties or damage, was the most alarming attack since two drones exploded over the Kremlin in May.

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