US ‘OGAH’ Backs Ukraine Launches Strike on Russia After Two Drones Damage Buildings in Moscow

[ad_1] – The United States (US) says it does not support Ukraine launching attacks on Russia after two drones damaged buildings in Moscow on Monday (24/7/2023).

“In general we do not support attacks inside Russia,” said White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre.

Russia vowed to take tough retaliatory measures against Ukraine, calling the two drone attacks, including one near the Defense Ministry headquarters, “brazen acts of terror.”

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“This is the war the Russians started. This is their war,” said Jean-Pierre.

“And they can end it at any time by withdrawing troops from Ukraine instead of launching brutal attacks on civilians.”

No one was injured in the attack on Moscow, the most surprising attack since two drones reached the Kremlin in May.

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As many as 17 drones also carried out overnight attacks on Crimea, which Russia annexed from Ukraine in 2014.

They attacked ammunition depots and damaged residential buildings, Russia’s appointed head of Crimea said.

Previously, Ukraine had admitted to carrying out drone strikes in Moscow, exposing gaps in Russia’s defense.

Meanwhile, Kyiv said a Russian drone strike destroyed a Ukrainian grain warehouse on the Danube River and injured seven people.

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