TRAGIC! 61 thousand people died over the summer and was able to break the record last year in Europe

[ad_1] – More than 61 thousand people die from heat during the European summer.

This summer broke records in Europe last year.

This is known to the European Union statistical agency, Eurostat, which reported an unusually high number of deaths during the summer.

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But the number has never been calculated before.

Meanwhile, researchers from the Barcelona Institute of Global Health and the French health research institute INSERM used a model to predict deaths caused by temperature in each region in the summer of 2022.

An estimated 61,672 deaths due to heat between May 30 and September 4 last year, according to researchers published in the journal Nature Medicine.

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An especially intense heat wave the week of July 18-24 resulted in more than 11,600 deaths, the study said.

“A very high number of deaths,” said Hicham Achebak, INSERM researcher and co-author of the study. “We know the effect of heat on mortality after 2003, but with this analysis, we see that there is still a lot of work that needs to be done to protect the population,” he wrote to AFP. .

More than 70 thousand excess deaths were recorded in 2003 during one of the worst heatwaves.

Last year France recorded the biggest increase in heat compared to the previous summer average, a jump of 2.43 degrees Celsius. Switzerland.

Italy also has the highest heat-related death toll with 18,010, followed by Spain with 11,324 and Germany with 8,173.

Previously, research had shown that Europe was warming twice the global average.

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