Meta CEO, Founder of Facebook and Threads, Mark Zuckerberg Ready to Face Elon Musk in the ‘JOTOS FIGHT’ Duel – Mark Zuckerberg shows off his muscular body through the latest uploads on Instagram.

Apparently, he wanted to show that he was ready to fight with Elon Musk, who challenged him some time ago.

The CEO of Meta poses flanked by two famous MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighters, Israel Adesanya and Alex Volkanovski.

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“No fugazi with Mark. This is serious business,” wrote Adesanya, in his caption.

Meanwhile, the Facebook founder commented, “It’s an honor to train with you!”

This photo seems to show his seriousness in physical training, as evidenced by the coach he chose.

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However, many netizens are surprised by the billionaire’s physical fitness and muscles.

Understandably, so far Mark Zuckerberg rarely displays his exercise routine.

Even though over the past year, this tech billionaire is known to be increasingly engrossed in the MMA community.

He often attends various events including the UFC Apex last October, with his wife, Priscilla Chan.

This father of three children also competed in a Brazilian jiu jitsu competition, some time ago.

Meanwhile, Elon Musk reportedly trained with George St-Pierre, actor and former UFC fighter.

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