15 Countries with the Lowest Fuel Prices in 2023, Indonesia is ranked ..


BONSERNEWS.com – Fuel oil (BBM) is an important source of energy for people around the world.

Fuel prices can vary from country to country, influenced by factors such as oil production, government subsidies and tax policies.

The following is a list of 15 countries with the lowest fuel prices in 2023:

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1. Venezuela

Venezuela is famous for its very low fuel prices.

The country has large government subsidies to keep fuel prices affordable for its citizens.

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2. Iran

Iran also offers low fuel prices.

The presence of abundant oil resources and government subsidies help keep fuel prices affordable.

3. Libya

Libya, the largest oil producer in Africa, has relatively low fuel prices. The Libyan government provides subsidies to reduce the burden of transportation costs for the community.

4. Algeria

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