Kevin Leonardo’s Profile, Viral Through Youtube and Tiktok Uploads Turns Out to Be Original Indonesian!

[ad_1] – The virtual universe is excited again by uploading it on YouTube and curious about Kevin Leonardo’s profile.

Kevin Leonardo’s latest Tiktok upload made Indonesian netizens comment, this was because he briefly shared his condition during the 1998 riots.

Many have just found out from Kevin Leonardo’s profile that he has a land of birth in Padang, Indonesia.

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Next, Bonsernews presents you the full profile of content creator Kevin Leonardo.

Kevin Leonardo is a famous YouTuber and has caught the attention of many social media users thanks to his controversial videos.

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Kevin, who is a content creator, is known by the username thecoolestkev on the YouTube platform.

One of the videos that made him famous was the attention-grabbing tutorial entitled “Hair Removal With Shaving Cream – Visual Guide!

However, the video quickly took an unexpected turn, provoking shocked reactions from viewers.

In the video, Kevin uses a stopwatch to count down three minutes before removing the cream.

He carefully explained and demonstrated the procedure for two minutes and 54 seconds.

The presence of the video has created a furore on social media.

Many social media users are talking about it and the video has received more than 3.8 million views in just one week.

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