Self-employed and part-time job – you have to pay attention to that

Secure your independence with an additional income

You have just started your own business and decided to take on a part-time job as well. In any case, this makes sense – you afford yourself a piece of financial security.

  • To get a mini job, you need your social security number and your tax number.
  • The tax number means your private ID, which you can currently still find on the tax cards.
  • If necessary, ask your tax office. You do not have to pay tax on the remuneration for a mini-job.
  • You must include this income in your income tax. It is best to find out more about this from your tax advisor or the tax office.

In the case of a mini-job, legal provisions must be observed

It is important that you have health insurance. It does not matter whether you are self-employed and have private health insurance or are voluntarily covered by statutory statutory health insurance. You will have to provide and provide evidence of this information to your new employer.

  • Before starting your mini-job, remember to plan your self-employment thoroughly.
  • The employing company has a right to your full working capacity and your own company should not suffer from the mini-job.
  • Although you are self-employed, thanks to the mini-job you can enjoy practically paid vacation. You are entitled to this like all other employees.
  • Unfortunately, employers like to ignore this. Address this topic before accepting the mini-job and make sure that the paid vacation is listed in your employment contract.
  • If you mention your self-employment when looking for a mini-job, there could be “savvy” recruiters who offer you to work on account instead of the mini-job.
  • Decline this offer, it will not bring you any security.
  • It can even happen that you can be held liable for things with this variant if something goes wrong in everyday work.
  • Rather look for an actual mini-job in a reputable company.

Bridging the gap between self-employment in lean times with a mini-job

If you have been self-employed for a long time, but business is currently going badly, there is no shame in looking for a mini-job.

  • You must state the earnings from the mini-job in your income tax return.
  • However, the tax office must be able to clearly interpret that this money is not income from your self-employment, but results from the mini job.
  • Here, too, the tax advisor will give you the right advice.

If you go into a mini-job as a self-employed person, some financial bottlenecks can be solved with the additional money. It’s always better than giving up. An important note: This article cannot replace tax or legal advice.

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