This Pastor Became a Convert and Successfully Converted Thousands of People to Islam, Now Saudi Arabia Invites Hajj! – A series of dreams led a former priest from South Africa to convert to Islam and led thousands of his followers to convert to Islam.

His name was changed from Richmond to Ibrahim Richmond.

“I will follow in the footsteps of (Prophet Muhammad SAW) and I am sure that by following in this footsteps millions of my Ummah in South Africa will follow this path to see the light,” he said in a video uploaded on the Twitter account of the Saudi Arabian Government Communication Center on Sunday, 25 June 2023.

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“This is a mountain of light. I am the first person in my family to touch here, this land, this blessed land.”

Ibrahim Richmond arrives in Saudi Arabia for Hajj as a guest of the King Salman Hajj Program.

Pastor For 15 Years with Hundreds of Thousands of Followers

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Ibrahim Richmond was a pastor for 15 years and a church leader in South Africa.

His great preaching skills made him followed by many congregations.

Total followers in South Africa at that time approximately 100,000 people.

Ibrahim said his life changed after having a similar dream several times in which a voice told him: “Tell your people to wear white clothes.”

He tried to describe the Taqiya, skullcap or cap or the white hat worn by many Muslims for prayer, to the white robes that Muslims usually wear.

At first, he didn’t pay much attention to it and called it “just a dream” because the order was related to Muslims.

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