Who Has a Dream of Living in ‘FREE’ Japan? Come on, make your dreams come true and see the full review


BONSERNEWS.com – Japan, which is a country with a high level of prosperity, is often a destination for many people to visit.

Working in Japan is something that many Indonesian people are interested in.

With a fairly high standard of wages and a good work environment.

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Currently Japan is making a cooperation program for those who want to live and work in Sakura country.

The program is called the Japan Internship Program. The program was created by small to medium scale companies supported by the Japanese government.

These companies will finance their prospective workers who qualify to go and work in Japan.

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As revealed by the TikTok account with the username @shumatsuopost, the program is 100 percent legal.

These companies will provide residential housing for their workers for free or at a much lower price than the market price.

‚ÄúThis is done so that workers want to settle down permanently and work in Japan. As you know, Japan is currently in a human resource crisis,” said @shumatsuopost.

The way to register for the program is quite easy.

Go to the official Japanese Government website www.meti.go.jp, type in the search for Japan Internship Program.

Then click Application Overview for Foreign Nationals, the terms and conditions for joining the program will appear.

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