WHV Participants from Indonesia in North Australia Feel Work in Not As Expected

By: Wijaya Literature

BONSERNEWS.com – Kostariana Surbakti from North Sumatra has been living in Darwin, the Capital City of Northern Australia for three months. Kosta, who is 25 years old, is a Working Holiday Visa (WHV) participant from Indonesia.

In the morning, he works in a ‘food court’ then in the evening he works in a restaurant, even on weekends he still works if there is a vacancy.

Kostariana, a graduate of Communication Studies at the University of North Sumatra (USU), admits that she is forced to work in several places to be able to make ends meet in Australia.

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“If I work only in one workplace then it will be difficult for me to meet my daily needs.”

Kostariana Surbakti works in several places in Darwin to earn enough wages.

Kostariana Surbakti works in several places in Darwin to earn enough wages. (Bonsernews.com/abc.net.au/indonesian)

WHV participants are those aged 18-30 years with visa conditions that allow them to work while on holiday in Australia for a year, but can be extended for another year if they meet the requirements.

But even getting a job is not as easy as people previously thought.

In Darwin, he says most of the jobs available are in the hospitality sector, but working hours are limited.

“For example, places to eat are only open during lunch or dinner hours,” he told Sastra Wijaya, a journalist for ABC Indonesia.

Since arriving in Darwin, Kosta admits that it took him several weeks to find a job, something he says his friends also feel.

“I have a friend who hasn’t found a job here for a month and now he’s finally decided to move to another state,” said Kosta.

According to him, since the Australian border was opened and WHV participants started to arrive, competition among WHV holders to get jobs was indeed higher.

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