A Scuba Ship Sails in the Red Sea of ​​Egypt and Transports Burnt Tourists, Let’s See the Full Review


BONSERNEWS.com – The name Egypt is sticking out again after the death of Russian Caucasians because of sharks. This time, a scuba boat carrying tourists caught fire.

Reporting from The Guardian, a ship named Hurricane sailed in the Egyptian Red Sea. There were 15 British tourists, 2 guides and 12 crew on board.

At first this ship was going to take them to Elphinstone, a diving spot with sharks. But at 06.30 local time, an electrical short occurred on the ship.

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Inevitable flames. The first aft deck of the ship was engulfed in flames. Black smoke rose, the red flame continued to strike to the inside of the ship.

In an attempt to escape, they hid on the foredeck. “We saw smoke coming from the ship, it was about 9 km from the shore,” said Ahmed Maher, dive manager at Marsa Shagra village.

Feeling that he was the nearest from the ship, Ahmed rushed to come with a boat and several lifeboats. At that time, 12 tourists, 2 guides and 12 crew members were rescued.

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“There were three British passengers missing out of 15 on board. The others survived and reached nearby land. Now, we are bringing the ship back to the marina under the supervision of the authorities,” said a spokesman for Tornadi Marine Fleet, the company that operates the special scuba diving boats.

Mohamed Bendary, secretary general of Egypt’s Red Sea governor, said initial investigations indicated that the fire started in the ship’s engine room. The Egyptian prosecutor’s office is investigating the incident.

Now, a search party has been launched to find the remaining three tourists. Their identities have not been disclosed to the public.

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