Tragic! The first date of two lovebirds failed to end romantically, instead ended up at the green table because of this

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The incident started when a woman with the initials Za and a man with the initials Li met at a dating agency.

After communicating several times through the chat application, the two lovebirds finally agreed to date so they could get to know each other better.

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Finally they agreed to meet at a restaurant in Jilin City, which is in the Northeast region of China.

Quoting Nextshark media, when Li entered the predetermined restaurant he was absurdly surprised.

The reason is Za did not come alone but the woman brought 23 of her family who sat filling all the restaurant tables.

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But as a man Li didn’t give up easily, he still showed his seriousness to Za.

Li continued to have dinner with Za without being affected by the 23 members of Za’s family who also ordered food at the restaurant.

When the restaurant was about to close, Li asked one of the employees for the bill.

How shocked Li’s heart was when he saw the total bill he had to pay was 20 thousand Yuan or around IDR 42 million.

Li could only surrender and hand over 4,000 Yuan or around Rp. 8 million, while the rest he left for Za and his family to pay.

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