Crazy People Turn Into Zombies After Taking This Drug! Spread from America to UK – American society is being horrified by a drug that can turn humans into ‘zombies’.

The drug that can turn people into zombies is known as Xylazine or also known as ‘tranq’.

Xylazine, which is also called the zombie drug, when consumed can make people turn like zombies in movies.

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The side effects of this drug can cause people who consume it to experience extreme drowsiness to the point of weakness and being unable to stand up.

This drug also affects the respiratory system causing shortness of breath and low pulse.

In addition, if this drug is injected into the body, the part that was injected will eventually turn into a rotting ulcer and need to be amputated.

As a result, this drug changes normal humans to behave and look like zombies.

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A video shared by the @MyLordBebo account shows the behavior of people who take the drug.

It is known that the video was recorded in Philadelphia, United States of America and uploaded on May 29, 2023 by that account.

From the video, it can be seen that several people seem unconscious and move slowly and stiffly like zombies.

Another video uploaded by the TikTok account @urbanvisuals2.0 also shows the same thing.

People who have taken the drug seem to have no consciousness, but still stand in the middle of the road like zombies.

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