Xylazine Addiction Turns Philadelphia Residents Into a Sea of ​​Zombies, Check the Facts

BONSERNEWS.com – A few days ago there was a viral video on TikTok that was hitting the citizens of Philadelphia America who were allegedly influenced by taking the drug Xylazine.

In the video, we can see the citizens of Philadelphia looking like a sea of ​​zombies as a result of allegedly abusing the drug Xylazine.

The city of Philadelphia is a city located in the United States of America. Many residents experience zombie-like symptoms, such as sleeping while standing, walking semi-conscious and so on.

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Please note Xylazine is a sedative drug for horses or other animals.

But Philadelphians abuse the drug because it is believed to be able to give a sense of calm quickly.

Residents of Kensington Ave Philadelphia who consumed Xylazine stated that the effects of the drug were immediately felt when compared to other types of drugs.

The video also shows a Philadelphia resident who has frequently consumed Xylazine experiencing wounds or ulcers on his skin.

This is because the drug Xylazine can make blood vessels constrict. In addition, the effects of these drugs can make shortness of breath.

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The use of the drug Xylazine is currently being consumed by the people of Philadelphia. They regard as a new version of street drugs.

Xylazine sedatives belong to the class of opiate (narcotic) analgesic drugs.

This drug if consumed continuously will result in amputation of the wound in that area.

Xylazine is not intended for humans because it can suppress the central nervous system so that blood pressure and heart rate become low and slow.

If described per part of the body’s organs, the effects of Xylazine can provide,

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