Death Rates Rising, Nepal Urged to Tighten Everest Climbing Rules

[ad_1] – Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world when measured from sea level.

By holding the title as the highest peak in the world, of course, many people are challenged to conquer it.

Every year hundreds of people compete to conquer this mountain which is located between Nepal and China.

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Many have made it to the top, but not a few have failed and even had to deal with death.

At least 12 climbers have died and five others are missing who are feared dead on Mount Everest as high as 8,849 meters so far this year.

It has become the deadliest climbing season since an earthquake on Mount Everest triggered an avalanche that killed 18 people in 2015.

One of the reasons for the high death rate of climbers on Mount Everest is because many novice climbers are accompanied by inexperienced guides.

A 69 year old veteran mountain guide who has climbed Everest 5 times confirms this.

“Novice hikers with inexperienced guides are part of the problem” says Guy Cotter, a guide from New Zealand.

The government of Nepal has indeed arranged that every climber who wants to reach Mount Everest must have a permit and meet the requirements.

However, according to Cotter, the Nepalese government must also think about minimum standards for guides both in terms of completeness of equipment and knowledge.

“There are a lot of guides who take climbers to Everest but don’t understand how to avoid incidents and when problems do occur, because they don’t have the knowledge to deal with those problems,” Cotter said.

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Bigyan Koirala, an official from the Ministry of Tourism overseeing the climb, said the Nepalese Government was considering more regulations but did not provide details.

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