GREAT! Nearly 10,000 photos from Hunter Biden’s laptop were leaked until the data appeared on the web, how come?

[ad_1] – It was reported that Hunter Biden’s laptop was leaked so that data in the form of vulgar photos appeared on the web.

This scattered data allegedly reached nearly 10,000 photos from 2008 to 2019.

In these photos, there is a picture of Hunter Biden with a row of women, in which there are small children, without clothes.

According to Garrett Ziegler, founder of the non-profit organization Marco Polo, said it took months to evaluate this alleged Hunter Biden photo.

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“It took us several months to, one, go through the photos, about 10,000 of them, and edit out the genitalia in the photos,” Garrett Ziegler said, as reported by Fox Media’s

The former Trump White House aide said that regarding the content found on a laptop that was once owned by President Biden’s son, truth and transparency must be sought.

“The number one thing we are against (the photo) is truth and transparency,” he said.

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“If Americans want to know what the family of their number one person is like, they’re going to get it. And we’re not going to take a photo that portrays the Bidens in a good way.”

Ziegler also noted that some of the photos containing personal information were edited.

Then there are also images containing Social Security numbers, banking information, and credit card numbers.

In addition, several nude photos of Hallie Biden, Beau Biden’s ex-wife, have also been edited.

Of the many photos found on the laptop, Ziegler gave an example of two photos that had never been seen before from the laptop.

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