Hunter Biden Scandal Becomes Hot Discussion in Western Media: 10 Thousand Immoral Photos Widely Spread – Currently, the Western media is busy discussing the Hunter Biden scandal. The son of US President Joe Biden was involved in immoral acts.

Recently, Western media said that around 10,000 immoral photos showing the sexual exploitation of children and sex workers, as well as the consumption of alcohol and drugs by Hunter Biden, the son of US President-elect Joe Biden, have been widely circulated.

The photos were found on a laptop Hunter Biden left at a repair shop in Delaware in 2019.

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According to media reports, the photos show Hunter Biden in some very obscene scenes.

Including photographs during sexual intercourse with several women who are not known.

In addition, these photos also show Hunter Biden in a drunken state and taking illegal drugs.

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This scandal has caused serious concern among the US public and politicians.

Some claim that this is evidence that the Bidens are engaged in obscene and immoral activities.

There are also those who criticize the media for exposing Hunter Biden’s personal life.

Meanwhile, the Biden family themselves have yet to give an official statement about this scandal.

Several sources say that Joe Biden is both angry and saddened by the findings, and that he has spoken to his son about this.

Of course, this scandal is still under investigation and there is no concrete evidence yet of Hunter Biden’s involvement in obscene or illegal activities.

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