Make a scene! The Simpsons Allegedly Predicted the Disappearance of the Titan Submarine OceanGate 17 Years Ago! – It seems that once again cartoon “The Simpsons” had foreseen the future.

Over the past few years, this animated TV show has taken the world by storm as it features strange historical plots that actually happened, such as Donald Trump’s 2024 presidential bid and the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

This time too, The Simpsons is considered to have predicted the disappearance of the OceanGate submarine that explored the wreckage of the Titanic.

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Aired 17 Years Ago

The plot, which is considered as a proposal for the sinking of the Titan submarine, appears in the 10th episode of Season 17 which aired in 2006.

The episode is titled “Homer’s Paternity Coot,” which features Homer Simpson’s long-lost father, Mason Fairbanks, in the middle of giving a somewhat chilling speech before going underwater with his son.

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Today I am filled with joy. Searching for treasure with my long-lost son. My dream for each of you is that you find the happiness I feel today (Today I am filled with joy. Searching for treasure with my long lost son. My prayer for you is to find the happiness I feel today),” said Fairbanks.

Wreckage of the ship in the cartoon The Simpsons

Shipwreck in The Simpsons cartoon ( / New York Post)

After exploring the sea for a while, the two come across a large shipwreck that reminds the audience of the Titanic, which is full of treasure.

Homer Simpson, after radioing friends to inform them of the find, accidentally gets stuck in a portion of the barrier reef.

( / New York Post)

Homer Simpson began to panic, he tried to free his submarine from the rock.

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