Pharmacists Strike Together, As a result, All Pharmacies in Germany are Closed Today, What’s the Reason?

[ad_1] – Exactly today, June 14 2023, pharmacies in Munich, Germany are simultaneously closing.

It is known that this action was not only carried out in Munich, but also in other cities, resulting in the closure of almost all pharmacies as part of a national action involving pharmacists throughout Germany.

Pharmacists deliberately close their pharmacies on this day as a form of protest against conditions and policies that are considered unfair or inadequate in the pharmaceutical industry.

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The action plan for closing the pharmacy was previously known to customers.

Because over the last few weeks, customers have been able to see an announcement that says, “Our pharmacy will be closing on June 14, 2023,” in every pharmacy.

So that customers can prepare themselves before the action is carried out today.

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“In Neuhausen, all pharmacies will take part in this protest,” said Hermann Vogel, a pharmacist from Munich who was quoted via Abendzeitung Muenchen.

Apart from that, according to him, it is known that the Sani-Plus pharmacy, which is the largest pharmacy in Germany, will also take part in the action.

One of the main reasons for pharmacists to strike today is because of demands for an increase in the salary each pharmacist receives.

All pharmacists in Germany requested that their honorarium be increased.

It is known that according to the German Pharmacists Association, they only receive 8.35 Euros for each drug sold on prescription.

This amount is also a fixed honorarium for pharmacists in Germany.

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