SADISTIC! Pregnant women are killed and burned 2 times in Malaysia, the perpetrator is suspected to be his own lover – The latest murder case that occurred in a pregnant woman in Malaysia was very sadistic by being burned twice.

A pregnant woman in Malaysia who was the victim of this murder case was found horribly burned to death.

The perpetrator of the murder case against a pregnant woman in Malaysia was allegedly carried out by her lover.

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Chronology of murder cases of pregnant women in Malaysia

Initially, it was believed that the perpetrator wanted the victim, who was a pregnant woman, to hide her pregnancy.

Allegedly the pregnant woman refused and a fight ensued between the two.

Not accepting, the perpetrator stabbed the victim and stabbed the victim.

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This murder case occurred at the Palm Oil Plantation Jl Sungai Limau Malaysia on 21 May 2023.

After being stabbed, the perpetrator went to a gas station to buy gasoline to burn the victim.

According to reports, the victim was burned twice the other day by the perpetrator.

The victim, who was previously a pregnant woman, was found in a palm oil plantation in a scorched state.

The victim, a pregnant woman who died horribly, was found by local residents after realizing the presence of smoke.

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