Syekh Assim Al Hakeem Visits Three Cities in Indonesia, Netizens: Please Don’t Ask Unreasonable Things!

[ad_1] – Sheikh Assim Al Hakeem will visit Indonesia as one of the destinations for his lectures in the framework of the Islamic New Year.

He plans to visit three cities in Indonesia, namely Jakarta, Yogyakarta and Malang on July 16-22 2023.

This news was confirmed directly by Sheikh Assim Al Hakeem when someone asked him via Twitter.

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“@Assimalhakeem sheikh, is this true? are you coming to Indonesia?”

(Shaykh, is this true? Are you coming to Indonesia)

“Yes, in Sha Allah,” he replied.

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This answer received enthusiasm from netizens on Twitter. “Later, if you open a question, don’t ask questions on purpose, please,” said @sikapmumas.

“Waiting for answers to extraterrestrial questions,” exclaimed @jiemeuy with a crying emoji.

“Wow, you have to come anyway!! does anyone want to be with you?? asked @meltedcaramelz.

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The sheikh who was born on November 23, 1962 is famous for his question-and-answer lectures which answer odd questions from young people about their lives.

The Q&A was conducted on the ASK HUDA or ASK Zad television channels. Those Q&As are usually presented in snippets on YouTube.

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