Sheikh Assim Al-Hakeem Turns Out to Be from Indonesia and Has Blood from this Tribe, Ready to ‘Mudik’ in July! – Muslims in Indonesia welcome the news of the arrival of the scholar and imam Sheikh Assim al-Hakeem.

The lecturer who often goes viral because of his preaching style which is considered firm but humorous will visit Indonesia on July 16-22 2022.

Not just one city, Sheikh Assim al-Hakeem will visit three cities at once, namely Jakarta, Yogyakarta and Malang.

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This news was confirmed directly by Sheikh Assim al-Hakeem through his Twitter account @assimalhakeem.

Netizens asking “Shaykh, is this true? Are you coming to Indonesia?“, then answered”Yes, in Sha Allah” by the sheikh.

The tweet has beenretweet almost 5 thousand times and earn likes as many as 36 thousand, cited more than 1000 accounts, and seen by 2.1 million accounts.

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Sheikh Assim al-Hakeem Turns Out to Have Indonesian Blood

A surprising fact was revealed regarding Sheikh Assim al-Hakeem.

According to the sheikh’s own confession, he apparently has Indonesian blood.

In the uploaded video YouTube channels On March 25, 2016, the Ta’lim Foundation, Sheikh Assim admitted that he was of Medan descent.

“I am Saudi even though I actually have Indonesian blood. I come from Medan,” he said.

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