The sighting of the Titanic Wreck continues to attract attention both as a research object and as a tourist visit

[ad_1] – The sighting of the wreck of the Titanic continues to attract attention even though it has been sunk for more than a century, both as an object of research and as a tourist visit.

However, due to the tragedy of the Titan submarine which exploded as it approached it, the expedition to the wreck of the Titanic might not happen again in a long time.

“The chance of any future research being carried out on the wreck of the Titanic is very remote. It probably won’t be in my lifetime,” said David Scott-Beddard, CEO of Titanic exhibition company, White Star Memories.

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“I imagine there will be inquiries after this debacle and stricter rules and regulations will be enforced,” he added.

What’s more, Titan is suspected of not meeting safety standards and not being properly certified.

This tragedy, according to Scott, without a doubt will have a significant impact on people who want to visit or study the wreck of the Titanic in the future.

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Michael Poirier of the Titanic International Society agreed that it was most likely that visits to the wreck of the Titanic would be suspended.

“Now the submarine will be seen and confirmed that the ship is up to date and appropriate,” he said.

In the future, he predicts visits to the wreck of the Titanic will be more for the purpose of archaeological study than it once was and less commercial.

Paid commercial tour trips to see the ruins of the Titanic as offered by OceanGate, are indeed new developments where previously the aim was to go there more for research.

“The Titanic was one of those things that was out of reach for most of us in the past, unless you worked in research and were lucky enough to dive into this wreck,” said Scott-Beddard.

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