The family says that Sulaiman Dawood had refused to go aboard the Titan submarine, forced his father in this way

[ad_1] – Last June 18, 2023, there was news of the disappearance of the Titan submarine belonging to Ocean Gate during the Titanic’s underwater tour.

The Titan submarine is loaded with 5 people who are billionaires from several countries.

Unfortunately for the tragedy, the Titan ship had to lose contact after about 1.5 hours of diving.

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This suddenly became very hot news in the world of social media. Not to mention that the people inside are important people.

The latest news shows that Ocean Gate expressed condolences for the loss of the victim and was declared dead at the incident.

This of course invites a response from the families of the victims left behind. Of course they all showed sadness and disappointment, especially towards Ocean Gate.

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One of the hardest hit families came from the Dawood family which is a conglomerate of Pakistani descent.

The family had to lose two of their loved ones, namely Shahzada Dawood, and their son Sulaiman Dawood.

According to Sulaiman’s aunt, Azmeh Dawood, Sulaiman initially refused to go on the tour because he was afraid of submarines.

Sulaiman had to be forced to come because he was promised a gift by his father.

“He was so scared to get on the submarine. He said he didn’t want to go,” Azmeh told ENews. “But his dad said it was a gift for Father’s Day and he had to come along.” Azmeh told ENews.

This incident certainly did not want to happen to the victim’s family.

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