The Titanic Tourist Submarine Disappears, Turns Out to Dive Without the Permit of the Regulatory Body, Check Out the Full Review — The Titanic tourist submarine disappeared, it turns out that it was diving without permission from the regulatory agency.

Passengers must sign a statement.

This lost titanic tourist submarine used for a tourist expedition to the wreck of the Titanic turned out to be diving without the permission of any regulatory agency.

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In fact, passengers must first sign a statement before traveling for USD 250 thousand, or around IDR 3.75 billion.

Reporting from Dailystar, Tuesday (20/6/2023), a search was launched for the ship OceanGate Explorations ‘Titan’ after the lost titanic tourist submarine was declared lost contact on Sunday morning (18/6).

The expedition is believed to have launched from Newfoundland, Canada on Saturday (June 17).

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CBS Sunday Morning reporter, David Pogue, had a chance to experience the sensation of traveling on this ship.

But he also experienced obstacles on his journey.

He even claims that the sub appears to have been improvised from parts that are (commonly) available on the market.

“No bigger than a van,” he said when describing this submarine.

He stated that it was driven by a video game controller, had the lighting purchased from a camping supply store, and used construction tubing as ballast.

In fact, he also recalled that there was a statement stating that the ship was an experimental project and full of risks, it could even result in death.

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