This expert figure reminded the CEO of OceanGate about Titan Ship Safety in 2019, but was ignored – A friend of the late OceanGate CEO Stockton Rush had warned that the Titan sub needed more testing.

This warning was given in 2019, four years before the tragic explosion of the Titan ship in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean.

It was Karl Stanley, the owner of a diving expedition company in Honduras and a close friend of Mr Rush, who warned Stockton Rush.

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Karl Stanley Hears a Crack at a Depth of 12,000 Feet or 3,657 Meters

Karl toured aboard Titan off the coast of the Bahamas in 2019, according to a report in The New York Times.

In an email obtained by Insider about the alleged exchange between the two deep-sea enthusiasts, Karl Stanley told Stockton Rush that he had heard a large cracking sound while diving as deep as 12,000 feet (3.6 kilometers).

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“I think the hull has a defect near that flange, it’s only going to get worse. The only question in my mind is whether or not it will catastrophically fail,” wrote Karl Stanley in the email, years before the catastrophic Titan explosion that killed all five aboard.

Stockton Rush then tried to reassure his friend by saying that experts had noticed a reduction in noise in the next two dives, but also insisted that more dives with the Titan would be needed to get more accurate data.

Stockton Rush went on to tell Karl Stanley that he thought. “2 to 7 dives to operating depths (are) too few to launch a 6-figure ticket-selling expedition in the middle of the ocean,” referring to the $250,000 ticket price charged to expedition passengers.

“I think 50 (times) is a good thing,” answered Karl Stanley.

Karl Stanley himself tested his submarine 50 times alone. In addition, he also has a parachuting license before starting his expedition.

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