The figure of Nahel Merzouk, the young man whose death caused riots in France, said his mother and neighbors

[ad_1] – The death of Nahel Merzouk, a 17-year-old youth of Algerian descent has sparked several major riots in France since June 27 2023 until the time this news was released.

Quoted from the daily Le Monde, Nahel Merzouk was shot dead by a police officer on Tuesday, June 27, 2023 when he was given a ticket in the Nanterre area, Paris, France.

The shooting, which was not according to procedure and was disproportionate to the violation of traffic rules by Nahel Merzouk, sparked anger among French citizens, which then expanded into riots that damaged various city facilities, schools, police stations and buildings.

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As a result of the rioting, more than 1000 vehicles were burned and there have been more than 1000 arrests of people involved in the rioting.

So who is Nahel Merzouk whose death caused anger among the French people towards the arbitrariness of the police in this country?

Reported by the New York Times, Nahel Merzouk is a French citizen who has Algerian and Moroccan ancestry.

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The 17-year-old youth is an only child who was raised by his mother in Nanterre, a working-class region in France.

According to his grandmother, Nahel’s dream was to become a mechanic and according to him Nahel was a good boy.

He is a rugby player in his area and is a member of Ovale Citoyen which is a rugby association in France.

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According to lawyers representing his family, Nahel Merzouk has no criminal record during his lifetime.

However, according to the prosecutor in Nanterre, Pascal Prasche, Nahel had been ticketed several times for violating traffic rules before.

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