Yoona and Lee Jun Ho Reportedly Dating Before Filming ‘King the Land’, Here’s the Reaction of Korean Netizens

BONSERNEWS.com – On July 3, media outlet PROOF reported that Lee Jun Ho and YoonA had been dating before filming JTBC’s hit K-Drama, King The Land.

This information is obtained from industry insiders.

According to the source, Yoona and Lee Jun Ho chose to star in the drama King the Land because of their relationship.

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If this news is true, YoonA and Lee Jun Ho’s real-life romance will certainly thrill fans’ hearts.

Korean netizens are pessimistic about Yoona and Lee Jun Ho’s dating news

The news of the dating of two of South Korea’s top stars caught the attention of netizens, especially Korean netizens.

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Korean netizens or K-netz stated that they were sure of the dating news.

Many have questioned the credibility of the not-so-famous PROOF media.

In addition, many netizens are asking for further evidence regarding this news.

Some Korean netizens also criticized the outlet for publishing their articles based on hearsay only.

This rumor is completely unfounded, LOL.
Hey, they should at least provide a picture or something. Are they just making it up? What’s this?
But it’s not like there’s any (private) photos of them together or any other evidence. I think it’s best to see what happens.”
Hah? LAUGH OUT LOUD. No pictures whatsoever. Even if this was real, I don’t think they would admit it during the drama.
I’ve never seen this media outlet before.
Is this the second Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin?”()

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