Becoming the Owner of Twitter and Tesla, It Turns Out That Elon Musk’s Wealth Is This Much, The Richest Person in the World 2023! – Elon Musk is now in the spotlight of netizens because of his controversial decision to limit the number of tweets that can be seen by Twitter users.

But did you know that this year, Elon Musk officially became the richest person in the world in 2023 as of June 9, 2023, according to Forbes magazine.

He managed to get this title after defeating the total wealth of LVMH owner Bernard Arnault.

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The increase in Elon’s position came from the shares of Elon Musk’s electric vehicle giant, Tesla, soaring to its highest level this year.

Elon Musk owns a total of 13% of Tesla shares.

Elon Musk’s net worth is estimated at $220 billion, which is $5 billion more than the second richest man, Bernard Arnault who is at number 2 with a net worth of $215.4 billion.

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The following is a list of the 10 richest people in the world according to Forbes:
1. Elon Musk $220.2 billion
2. Bernard Arnault & family $215.4 billion
3. Jeff Bezos $147.0 billion
4. Larry Ellison $135.3 billion
5. Warren Buffett $117.5 billion
6. Bill Gates $115.1 billion
7. Larry Page $103.8 billion
8. Carlos Slim Helu & family $101.5 billion
9. Steve Ballmer $100.1 billion
10. Sergey Brin $98.6 billion

How did Elon Musk return to the top of the richest people in the world?

On trading Thursday, June 8, Tesla shares witnessed an incredible 4.6% rally, hitting $235 per share and extending its winning streak to 10 straight days.

This puts Tesla on track to reach its highest closing share price since October 6, 2022.

After hitting a two-year low in early January, Tesla’s stock has recovered impressively, registering a nearly 115% gain.

This performance ranks as the third largest return among all companies in the S&P 500 index.

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