The figure of Aryanto Misel is being looked at by top officials at Ducati, Ferrari and Lamborghini because of his findings – Aryanto Misel is a talented automotive engineer from Cirebon, West Java, who created a revolutionary innovation called Nikuba (Niku Banyu).

Aryanto Misel succeeded in making Nikuba, a device that can convert water into hydrogen fuel by separating water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen through an electrolysis process.

Aryanto Misel’s invention of Nikuba can be used to start motorcycle and car engines in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner.

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At the end of June 2023, Aryanto Misel was invited to Italy to hold discussions and collaborate with these companies.

The plan is for Nikuba to be tested and developed to become fuel for supercars and sports motorbikes.

In addition, Nikuba will also be marketed in Brazil and Africa as a future energy solution.

The owner of the ig account @aryantomisel is a figure to be appreciated and proud of as an original Indonesian inventor who has contributed to technological and environmental progress.

Hopefully his story can inspire the younger generation of Indonesia to continue to innovate and create. ()

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